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What are Venous Malformations?

Venous Malformations are bluish lesions that are the result of veins that do not form properly due to genetic mutations during the embryonic stage of life. The walls of these veins are unusually thin because they lack smooth muscle cells which cause them to stretch and cause problems. As they grow, they form benign tumors. Venous Malformations are most common in the skin, but can form in other tissues and organs as well. The blood flow through these veins is extremely slow. Venous Malformations occur in less than 1% of all births.

What is Abigail’s prognosis? What battle is she fighting?

Unless a cure or breakthrough treatment is found for Venous Malformations, Abigail will be fighting this battle throughout her entire life. Venous Malformations grow throughout life and unless treated can cause disfigurement, trouble with eating, breathing, speech, vision, and in some cases, death as a result of the complications associated with them. Even with treatment and removing portions of the malformations, they will continue to grow back, so it is important that treatment is continued and that she is monitored throughout her entire life.

Why do you travel to other states for treatments? Atlanta has great doctors and hospitals. Is there not someone local who can treat her?

There are many wonderful doctors and hospitals in Atlanta, however after doing a lot of research, there are none here that are equipped to treat Abigail properly. Because Venous Malformations are rare and there is still research being done to fully understand them to this day, there are limited resources for treatment.

Why is insurance not paying more on the medical bills? Are the treatments not considered necessary?

The insurance does recognize the treatments as being medically necessary but unfortunately there are not specific procedure billing codes for some of the treatments that are most effective.